Virtual STEM After School Program Winter 2021

We are very pleased to bring to our students interesting virtual STEM after school activities: Coding and Website Design programs.

For more information and use the following link to register:

Virtue of the Month (October 2020: RESPECT)

On Tuesday, Nov 3rd, Mr. Mitchell's class (Grs. 6/7) led the celebration of the virtue of the month "Respect" by performing meaningful plays that kids and adults enjoyed alike.

The assembly was live streamed to all in-person and online classes and ended up by awarding one or two students from each class for best displaying the virtue of "Respect". 

Big congrats to all the certificate recipients (names below).




Noor Alsoubani, Malek Mohamad

Grs. 1/2

Maria Hamidiya (2), Mila Abdullah (1)

Grs. 2/3

Akroum Eltoum (3)

Grs. 1-3 Online

Ibraheem Awan (2), Ziaur Omar (3)

Grs. 4/5

Rawan Ahmed (4), Nill Omer (5)

Grs. 4/5 Online

Lamia Tiliouine (5), Muntaha Dawud (5), Mehreen Machingal (4)

Grs. 6/7

Hajar ElAlly (6), Merid Biruk (7)

Grs. 7-9

Manha Hussain (7), Fahtima Naveed (8), Dana Alrafuie (9)

Grs. 6-9 Online

Fatima Almaqtari (7), Yasmeen Eltinay (8), Ibrahim Tariq (8)

Remembrance Day November 11th, 2020

Our students and staff commemorated the Remembrance Day by conducting multiple in-class activities that shed light on the importance of this day as well as acknowledging the sacrifices made for the seek of having our country and the whole world live in peace and harmony.

remembrance day 1.jpg
Islamic History Month October 2020
PHOTO-2020-10-28-11-47-33 (5).jpg