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Horizon Leadership Academy Uniform Policy


Horizon Leadership Academy Uniform Policy has been developed with keeping the needs of the students, and the pursuit of learning in mind. As Horizon is an environment that promotes diversity, it is very important that our students dress in a manner that instils pride while promoting a sense of belonging.


Students will be wearing practical clothing conducive to learning, and activities that take place on a regular school day while upholding the modesty values held at the foundational level of the school. With cost effectivity taken into consideration, we hope to provide equality in access to the uniform to ensure that the students are able to focus on learning despite differences in race, religion and cultural backgrounds. Should an activity arise that requires the students to dress appropriately, the staff and teachers will provide parents with adequate notice. If the uniform policy is not followed by any student, the matter will be dealt with by the school Principal.


This policy will be monitored by the Horizon Leadership Academy administrative staff. Feedback will be sought from the Parent/Teacher Council once a year. The views of the Horizon Academy Board of Directors will be sought if changes to the uniform are proposed.


This policy will be reviewed every three years to ensure compliance with the evolving needs of Horizon Leadership Academy.


The Horizon Leadership Academy uniform will:


  • be practical and be a source of safety for children in our educational institute.

  • identify students with the school.

  • remove unnecessary distractions from educational development.

  • create a culture of equality in terms of appearance.

  • magnify a sense of community and of diversity as a source of pride for the school and its students.  

  • instil a sense of belonging.

  • harbour a sense of professionalism and discipline in students from a young age.

  • Uniform is required from KG to Grade 9




































*Horizon Elementary crest items to be purchased from Elegant Design.

**Non-crest items to be purchased from Elegant Design or retail stores.

*** AMENDMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: For a seasonal change we recommend parents purchase the crested hooded sweatshirt for winter and crested short sleeve oxford shirt for summer. Girls grade 6-9 should purchase the long sleeve oxford shirts with the crest to accommodate the warmer weather.


Uniform Vendor Information


For all uniform pieces with Horizon crest:


Elegant Design + Clothing Manufacturing Inc
Bay 11 – 1420 40 Ave NE
Calgary, AB T2E 6L1

Phone: 403.250.8747

Fax: 403.291.9268


Generic uniform vendor information


Retail store uniform selection non-crested clothing items:



uniform list. .png

To request more information:

Contact the Main Office

Mon-Fri 8:30am - 3:30pm

Tel: 403-460-1746

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