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KG- Grade.9

Grades KG - Grade 9

School Calendar 2023-24





School hours:

Monday- Thursday: 8:15AM- 3:40PM ( Doors open 8:10AM)

Friday: 8:15AM- 12:25PM

Please note school phone lines are answered between;

Monday: 8:25 AM - 3:25 PM

Friday: 8:25 AM - 12:10 PM

Our phone lines can get very busy at times, so we strongly encourage families to email us with any enquires, or concerns. 

Horizon Parents - is your child running late or sick?

Please use your EDSBY application to report your child's absence

Child Care

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Program Registration
HLA is proud to present "Sportsball".


HLA is proud to present
"Young Rembrandts"
HLA January Poster.jpg

Quran Tahfeez Program 

Quran Tahfeez program is an after-school program held at Horizon Leadership Academy.

Registration is available for Horizon students as well as students from other schools.

Click here to register your child.

We are pleased to announce that Ibrahim Arid has accepted the role of Principal at Horizon Leadership Academy, commencing August 22, 2022.

Ibrahim has over 25 years of experience in education where he has developed an extensive "people’s person" with an emphasis on caring for all stakeholders in his leadership profile. Ibrahim has a wide diversity of experience as he has served in international and private schools in Canada, the USA, and the UAE.

Ibrahim is a visionary collaborative team leader and self-starter and he works with high energy and confidence in any social situation. He employs a strong work ethic with common sense and protocol to relate to all stakeholders. He is also known to be an advocate for addressing education services for different communities. Ibrahim enjoys the challenges and successes in staff development, assessment, mentoring, professional development, policy design, and optimum student learning.

Ibrahim Arid’s focus as Principal will be to build a generation of Canadian leaders in all fields. Ibrahim said “The purpose of education is to create a thinker and problem solver. I strongly believe that If we need to develop adult leaders, we should provide opportunities for young people to learn and discover skills for life.”

Congratulations Ibrahim!

"Open a book and you open the world: a tradition of excellence"


Horizon Leadership Academy


Address: 199 Queen Charlotte Way SE. Calgary, Alberta


Tel: 403-460-1746




New School Address starting September 2021:

199 Queen Charlotte Way SE, Calgary

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