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Welcome to Horizon Elementary School!

As a Leadership-centered, Islamic and Arabic school focused on academic excellence, our teachers and staff are excited to open our doors to the Calgary community. This year will be filled with many opportunities for us to learn and grow together - we want to ensure that these experiences are the best possible for you and your children. We have many exciting adventures to look forward to. Our school website ( will help to ensure you are up-to-date on all of our school events and updates.

One of our goals at HES is academic excellence and making the experience of education a meaningful, challenging and rewarding one for all the members of our community. By the support of you, our dedicated parents, Palliser Regional School Board, Horizon Academy Institute, and Imaginal Profound Learning - we will build on our children's strengths in a caring and dynamic learning environment - we can make your child's experience at school a positive and rewarding one. Our philosophy is that education is a partnership as such we value and rely on your involvement in your child's development.

We now have some seventy students distributed in grades from Preschool to Grade 6, and to

inspire the students, our teaching staff have been working hard to prepare their classrooms and their fun teaching material. With the help of the Palliser Regional School Board, all classrooms are now furnished and equipped with latest educational technology. Technology that includes smart boards, Google Chrome devises, tablets and apps that support academic excellence.

The Arabic and Islamic instructors are eager to teach Horizon's faith based moderate and innovative curricula. They will work closely with our homeroom teachers to ensure our students have a great leadership-based education.

Our bussing operation has started today with some delays, but we will use this as a learning experience to provide you with the best service possible.

Since launching our elementary school project and kicking into full gear (first day today), we are also tirelessly working to launch our leadership based preschool. We are happy to announce that the Horizon Preschool program (for 3 & 4-year-olds) has completed and passed all health, safety and regulatory inspections and we are waiting to receive the final license – this will take 2-3 weeks. Based on this, our start date for the preschool program will be Monday, October 2nd. We are also pleased to announce that we have fully furnished our preschool classrooms, gym, and have hired two full-time licensed childcare educators.

For parents who require pre (7am-8:00 am) and post (3:20pm-5:00 pm) school child care, please let our office know and we will have certified educators available to watch your children.

On behalf of all the staff at Horizon Elementary School, I would like to extend a warm invitation to you to join us in making your child's education a rich and rewarding experience. Please contact me or any of our school staff if you have questions regarding all programs and policies.

Shabana Rahman, Principal Horizon Elementary School

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