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Horizon's Islamic Framework

Islamic educational model (7 dimensions)


We offer a leadership based and an academically focused faith-based Islamic school. We believe in planting the seed of community leadership today to develop better-equipped community members for tomorrow.











  • Quran is dynamically integrated within  Arabic and Islamic classes

  • We offer a unique program that primarily focuses on educating students the proper manner of “tajweed” and a deep understanding of the Qur'an

  • We focus on 10 key dimensions of Quran coupled with light memorization (see diagram)​


The 10 key dimensions of the Holy Quran at Horizon are:





Islamic Ethics

At Horizon, ethics play a vital role in our faith-based educational model.  We believe Ethics is not only about individual characters and basic morality but it is also about extracting the key comprehensive meanings of the virtue (good, truth, right vs wrong, and responsibility).  It is also about how virtues help guide our youth to live a moral and ethical life.

We challenge our students to answer a few ethical questions, see a few here:

  1. How do you understand/interpret Islamic texts?

    • ⇒ Extract ethical values specific to the Islamic teaching based on with scholarly understanding from a fresh perspective

  2. How do you apply Islamic texts in varied contexts? How do you contextualize the work of Islamic scholars?

    • ⇒ Extract ethical values related to the common human being values and experiences

  3. How do you reconcile the intent of the ethical values and make ethical choices to resolve the conflicts?

    • ⇒ Build ethical action for the betterment of the self, society and the world


Horizon's ethical framework can be summarized in the following figure:




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