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Our Program


Horizon Leadership Academy is a licensed child care program provider. Our program leverages elements from the ‘Leader In Me’ program to inspire lifelong lessons based on the 7 Habits inspired by Stephen Covey’s leadership program. This method inspires the uniqueness of each child and allows children to develop according to her/his own inherent abilities and timetable but with a focus on developing habits that are constructive, that will prepare them for successful entry into elementary school. In a constructive environment, leadership materials are taught to appeal to their use of logic and order and their own natural desire to learn.

Through books, active play, arts and other learning materials, students will have hands-on exploration encouraged through listening and viewing. All material is presented in a delightful manner within a comfortable and child-friendly environment.  The many activities utilise unique materials that strengthen fine motor control, lengthen concentration and sharpen the senses. Children are allowed the freedom to practice and refine their skills and cultivate good work habits. Children are stimulated to express their thoughts and feelings while all avenues to learning are explored. Each child is encouraged to feel good about themselves and their own abilities.


Pre-K Level 1


The pre-k level one program for 3-year-olds will help children develop their awareness of their surroundings by reinforcing numbers, words, alphabets, days of the week, months, colours, shapes, speech and ideas. Children will be encouraged to learn through developing healthy habits that will help develop their full potential socially, emotionally, and physically. There will be themes throughout the year to encourage discussions while fostering excitement for learning.


Pre-K Level 2


The pre-k level two program for 4-year-olds will continue to reinforce numbers, words, colours, shapes, speech and ideas, like level one, however at this level the students will be encouraged to also explore books, reading, recognition of words, art & crafts and other learning materials. Children will be encouraged to learn through developing healthy habits that will help develop their full potential socially, emotionally, and physically. There will be themes throughout the year to encourage discussions while fostering excitement for learning.




  • Leader in Me 7 Habits

  • Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Science, Arts and Crafts and Outdoor/Indoor play

  • Arabic Language

  • Seasonal study through colours and art: Autumn

  • Signs of Autumn- bird migration, the colour change of leaves, weather change

  • Health and nutrition: Early to Bed, Eating Habits, and Cleanliness

  • Signs of Winter - colour change of leaves, weather change

  • Healthy Habits- Early to Bed, Eating Habits, Cleanliness

  • Home

  • Family

  • Pets

  • Gross motor skills developing activities

  • Seasonal study through colours and art: Spring

  • Signs of Spring - flowers bud, the growth of plants and buds, weather change

  • Baby Animals

  • Birds

  • Mother's Day

  • Field Trips 2017-18 TELUS Spark and the Calgary Zoo

  • Seasonal study through colours and art: Summer

  • Signs of summer - flowers colours, animals and nature, weather change

  • The Playground- Swings -Teeter-totter- slides-Sand Box

  • Safety rules

  • Traffic safety

  • Father's Day

  • Celebration Concert/Graduation


Important Information


  • In order to start preschool, your child must be 3 years old by September 1st.

  • Children must be fully toilet trained at the time they begin preschool.


Programs and fees


Ages 3 & 4


Fees: $600/month

*Children must bring their own food and snacks.


Class Times



Mon to Thursday 8:30 am - 3:15 pm

Friday 8:30am to 12:20 pm


Non-refundable registration fee $150

Deposit fee equal to a month’s tuition (this will cover your child's first month at Horizon)

Withdrawal: allowed during the first 2 weeks only, otherwise full year payment required.



Registration and Deposit fee is required on the day of registration.

Make cheques out to Horizon Academy Institute ($25 NSF fee will apply for returned cheques).



Want to learn more or would like to book your visit, you can call us at 403-607-0817 or email us at


Government Subsidy


Alberta Children and Youth Services provide financial assistance to eligible low- and middle-income families. Eligible families who have one parent who stays at home or works less than 20 hours per week may qualify for a subsidy. The home-stay subsidy is available for a maximum of $1,200 per year. It is the responsibility of the parents to apply for the subsidy. Please visit the below website for more information:


If you qualify for the subsidy you still need to follow the fee payment procedure, as you will be reimbursed at the END of the month, once the preschool has collected the funds from the government.

Registration Policies (Full-time Care)


  • Pre-authorized payments are required at the time of registration.

  • A 1 month deposit is required at time of registration; deposit will be returned with minimum 40-days notice of cancellation.

  • Financial Assistance is available for qualifying families through Alberta Children’s Services once Horizon obtains a license and the child is registered in the program.

  • Horizon daycare fees are reviewed annually each Fall. Any changes to fees are communicated to families a minimum of six weeks in advance.

  • Waiting List: Placement on the waitlist does not guarantee a childcare space as we must place children of the correct age into the available space.

To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Mon-Fri 8:30am - 3:30pm

Tel: 403-460-1746

You can also request more information with this form:

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